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Photography has been restricted for the last couple of months to mainly taking photos of the on going building work. We had our old, leaky conservatory replaced with a super duper new one. (Curtsey of Andy Grimsey) That was completed at the end of August. Then the fun began. We needed new fencing and we also needed to reconfigure the garden layout. We wanted everything on the same level rather than the higgled- piggledy layers we had before.

Original conservatory and garden
Footings going in

Finished conservatory

The guy doing our fencing (Taylor Made Fencing) arrived sooner than we had expected and had the fencing erected within the week. It looked great. Now to the garden.
First we needed to shift tons of soil (and a little rubble). About 14 ton in all. Both being retired pensioners we set ourselves the target of doing no more than two hours digging a day.
Within a fortnight we had dug out around 8 ton.

Digging deep

The following week my brother, a landscape gardener (Dreamscapes) joined us. Between us we cleared more soil and dug out footings for retaining walls and a walled garden area. (Another 6 ton of soil shifted). 4 ton of hardcore was laid and cement mixed and laid for foundations.

Retaining wall and hardcore
Walled garden footings

The retaining walls were erected and some slabs laid. The garden walls were put in and then more slabs laid. (My husband became a 'dab hand' at mixing various sorts of cement, 'buttering' bricks and being a general lackey while I was on hand to shift bricks, slabs, and push wheelbarrows etc. Oh, and make numerous cups of tea and coffee and provide meals. My next job was to point between all the slabs, (A slow going job)! while the lads sorted out the path running from the gate and the shed area.

Slabs laid walls finished

Just over three weeks and we are nearly finished. The soil has been added to all the beds and some bulbs planted. The sandstone capping has to be put on and the wooden capping around the garden area. Gravel is to be added to some of the beds.

Finished design

We are now complete. All the gravel has now been laid as well as the capping added. Everywhere has now been swept and cleared up. We are very happy with the results and look forward to planting the garden in the spring and spending many happy hours outside.

Finished garden 1
Finished garden 3
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